Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 is over..2010 begins.

The Marauders are already done with 2009 and on to 2010.

The family is growing...l have already got a large amount of guys commited to next years run. Desmond Thompson takes the #75 he always wanted. Marco is back...the LB has unfinished business...Serge is back if he doesn't turn pro...Baiden is the man..and there are countlees others that have to either cut weight or gain weight. The Marauders will be putting together a indoor team and this will be our off season camp as well.

The Marauders will be getting together for a team outing in September . we are going to an Argo game as a group , details will follow.

The banquet will be also in September so make sure you are ready to have a bit of fun.

The 2010 Marauder will be putting forth a proposal to once again move to Burlington. The new name will be revealed at the AGM after we all meet and decided the new name...l'm leaning to the 'ORANGE'...but l'm bias .

lets start the season will be taken care of next more poor showings on the road.

hey all, the Mighty D' t-shirts will be available at the Championship game....just kidding but l'm sure we could sell a few based on the emails l'm getting.

LETS ROLL BABY...2010 WILL be the year ....BURLINGTON gets a new team...Yeah baby!!!!!!

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