Monday, August 17, 2009

We lost...Badly but l love the heart.

the final score was...a whole bunch to nothing.

59-0 was the final...

the Sault team is good and the deserved to win...we showed a ton of heart but in the end we brought a popsicle stick to a gun fight. l would have loved to see our full team take them on but with guys going to the pros and others with prior commitments we just did not have the players that beat the Steelers a few weeks ago.

Players stepped up..our QB on the weekend didn't know he was going to play until it was obvious that our two other QB couldn't make it. only 4 starters on defense...a handful on offense...and a ton of guys who didn't get much time all year that were pressed into playing.

l still believe that on any given day we can beat anyone in this league...but this weekend we were over matched . We crying over spilt milk here....l'm a man and l take my lumps .

the guys who came to play have my upmost did me proud. ( we may have lost but we looked better then them...these are things you say when you get smoked...)

to all the guys who couldn't make's a shame that after the hard work ,that we all put in that we did not have a true showing of what kind of team we were.

l am so disappointed about makes my stomach turn. l have gone through a ton for this team...and l will do even more. l will get the help the Marauders will need to move from a strong team to a consistent team that is always in the hunt.

l am proud to be a Marauder.

this Thursday at 8pm at Nelson we will do the final wrap up...the equipment return and uniform return forms will be given out.

first step step make step win a playoff step win it all.....( three down one to go)

in November we are meeting for our fall attitude.

if you don't have won't be a Marauder next year.

see you on Thursday at Nelson 8-9pm. 9pm we go eat and get a soda.....GINGER ALE for everyone.

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