Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'M BACKKKK!!!!! trip was amazing..but l'm ready for football.

l was in SD ...l was there for work.

l was signing in the Marvel booth with a few big time guys...l was the young gun.

tha Wolverine drawing was done by me for times.

l won't get into the trip..check my other blog for the

l met Ahman Green from the packers...nice guy and a comic fan..although he is a batman fan, l will work on him being a Marvel guy.

so we lost two games to end up 4-4...still not a great record considering how talented we are. the playoffs are here and we get the RAIDERS. The Toronto Raiders are a talented team and we won by only 7 last time...sure they scored early and late but the final score was 28-21. we will have to be on point to get a win...l think we have the team to do well but in the playoffs but it's up to us.

lets roll Marauders...time to make it happen. Tuesday night it's on...

l heard some comments... not very original..but hey, you can only work with what you have. calling a fat black man...a fat black man seems kind of redundant.but don't forget....l'm talented.....and l'm sure putting bolt 'a' in slot 'b' is a childhood dream of yours....keep living the dream .hahaha...l love it.

life is good.

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