Thursday, July 16, 2009

more crayon work...

this is what l can do with a crayon.....what can you do with a crayon....remember, stay within the lines. l goggled you and all that came up were coupons for a casino....but it's in a woman's name.

The Final word... it is ladies.

l hope that 37 will play again and if he doesn't it will be sad for him. l understand that playing tough and dropping bombs are part of the game but when you use your head as a weapon bad things happen.

Baiden was only protecting himself...the player in question was coming in to give a crushing hit. those are the facts...he took a wicked hit, that he was intending for our player and was knocked out. if our player was hit and knocked back you all would have cheered...the fact that he got hurt is not part of the initial reaction to the hit.

we all clapped when he was helped off...don't get stupid.

how many other hits did you guys cheer for...l remember when our 85 got hit you guys cheered...because he was stopped dead in his tracks..did l tell you that he ruptured his achilles on that hit? you feel bad that you cheered?...why not..he got injured.

he didn't, but he could have.... injures are part of the game.

l am not the best coach...but you are not the best players so l guess we are even. l do this out of love for the may not respect us..or me but we all respect the game.

talk about my career? that's guys need to see a doctor..that kind of diminished mental acuity may lead to a bigger issue.

l'm a joker....l may even be a joke...but dude, l love my team and we have fun. l think it's funny that you can't take what you give out. l thought you guys were the champs....why hide how you feel...tell us how you will win it all...beat everyone....have no close the table.

we have nothing to guys are already the champs....we all just don't know it yet.

thanks for coming by..these hits are helping us raise money.

as for the funny, we were only trying to accommodate your request to not play that weekend. l switched that game and even though some key guys wouldn't be there we decided to stick with whatever would help get this game played..the league told me to change it back. l have the weekend don't say we didn't do what you asked. Sunday July 26th at 2pm. in fact..l won't be there..l have work....l know it's childish what l do for a living but beats making seat cushions on an assembly line.

l will make sure we lay down for you....we are the lowly Marauders after all.

sooo funny....l know l'm the worst coach in the league...but my mommy loves me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


dude..l'm having WAY too much fun.

Hey..this is my blog...if you don't like what l'm saying..don't come here. l do this for my team...but if you get mad at what l have my deepest sympathy.....really, that was from the heart.

l'm hurt....

The mighty has spoken....what am l to do? funny. call me what you want...make fun of trash...make fun of what l's all good.In the end...say what you want...l know l will.

l love my team...l won't allow you to down grade our efforts. EVER...

so we got no Class ehh? Crazycoacho is back

well l went to practice last night and l heard some garbage about us not giving our last opponent any respect and how we should no class by not clapping when your player was knocked out.

let me be clear...whaaaaa!!!!

Are you crazy? started talking trash from the get...told us we were lucky to beat the Soo...and that we have a terrible offense. etc..etc...that all might be true but here are a few things l know. Your QB is great...he ran and made things happen. the plays you ran are standard football 101. he made them work...not your amazing football knowledge...give me a break sunshine.

we showed no class?...hey, your boy came in to drop a kill shot on our rb...he got knocked out...that is some funny stuff. when you bring the wood and take back more lumber than you came will be entertaining...sorry we got excited about it. ahh what the hell...YOUR BOY GOT KNOCKED was funny as hell.

you guys are talented...but you got to kidding yourself to think its you...l'm smart enough to know that my players make me look good. l would never be so arrogant to think that l'm the reason why we are a good team. l give them plays and chances to do special things...they make it happen. any OC taking credit for amazing catches or great plays is an idiot.

don't ask me again for tape.....or make small talk with me again. This is supposed to be fun...l lost sight of that..let me tell you, your comments have inspired want me to give you respect? what about us going from 2-6 two years ago to beating the Soo and being completive with you guys. you give what you get...don't apologize to me...think of how your team tried to hurt Baiden...did we do that to your RB? we didn't..why? because WE HAVE CLASS.

seeya later Sunshine..

oh and take your own advice , don't you remember what you yelled out when we were shaking hands..'' don't s#it talk...just take care of your team..yeah see you in two weeks''.. hahaha..l love it.

Crazy Coacho

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Practice times..

LBP is the new home for the next few weeks.

the Palmer field is where we will be holding our practices .

if you don't's were it all began . training camp BABY...!!!!

the dates are

Tuesday and Thursday

8pm to 11pm.

Lester B Pearson
1433 Headon Rd
Burlington , Ontario

Upper middle and Headon rd

Sarnia is next...they are looking for a win...lets get focused and get back on the wining track.

we lost 42-28 to the Outlaws.

before l get started..l hope your elbow is good Mr have been a cornerstone of the Marauders..get well soon.

The way we start games makes me wonder if we just like to make it interesting. we fumbled the opening kick off and gave a very good team great field position. they scored all good teams should when you get a turnover in the redzone.

when we got the ball l called the easiest read of the day...l knew that they taped us the last week and saw that we ran the WR screen for aTD so l'm sure they spent time working on how to stop we made an adjustment a ran a simillar play with a WR doing a 9....the result..TD. so 3 minutes in 7-7.

The Outlaws are an interesting bunch..they have a ton of talent...lots of great guys and a few talkers...just like us. the outlaws took advantage of our secondary and poor pass rush...we exploited their run defense and secondary. it was a good game but we made to many mistakes to win.

l made the biggest mistake as a coach...l addressed my team and like a man l apologized to my boys.

now for the facts...our punt returner..85mph ..torched them for 180 yards on 6 touches..he should have scored twice...the Outlaws kicker saved the day. we had a TD called back on a hold. and we threw a pick in the red zone...we let a TON of chances slip away..but thats football. we get breaks...we lose breaks.

the stats were pretty even ( about 370 for each team)...the fumbles and bad field position was the difference...we scored more points on them than any other team this year....but than again they did the same to our defense.

l will say that the way they talked surprised me( well to be honest we talked just as much)...l always knew they were good but it started in the parking lot.i kind of thought it was just guys having fun but the game had some questionable plays..cut blocks..jawing...that kind of stuff. make no mistake...l can jaw with the best of them but we all got jobs on Monday so maybe we can just play the game next time...if not l would hate to see someone get hurt.

Baiden rushed for 110 yards...he out rushed the Outlaw RB by 55 yards.....l guess Baiden is pretty good. l would also like to say a get well soon to number 37...that was a crazy hit he gave...sorry, took'..Baiden is like no other back..he will give as much as he gets.Hey, the label on the helmet...your helmet is not a weapon,it's for protection.

we lost...they won. in two weeks we do it again.

Coach Ken

Monday, July 6, 2009

Game highlights...Bammmm!!!!!!

Milton Marauders vs. Sault Steelers (Northern Football Conference) from Rimrock Media on Vimeo.

once you see will see that we are not the Marauders of old...BOOOYAAAHHH!!!! nice stick Mitch....oh and JHOOD...nice hit in the endzone. that kid got jacked UP!!!!!

Practice times..



Thursday- team picture. make sure you look shorts and Cardinal jerseys.

730 warm up..8-1030pm

Marauders defeat the Steelers 22-14.

before l get started...l would like to say that we wish a speedy recovery to our Superback #34. he broke his arm in the game and we dedicate this win to him. heart and soul are hard to come by...he has that in spades.

The Sault Steelers came in 5-0 and were looking to beat us to make sure we had to travel to the Sault if we met up again in the playoffs...well, it didn't happen the way they would have liked and now we hold the tie breaker. the game was odd....they jumped out to a early lead and l heard some laughs and comments that they felt that we were not on their level. maybe we aren't..but we played a better second half and got the win.

our defense ...flat out , punched the Steelers in the mouth for 3 quarters. The run attack for the Steelers is their bread and butter...we play the run very ,VERY well. the tailback on the Steelers is very good and we limited him to 41 yards...on the other hand our RB 'the BaibenExpress'...ran for 103 yards. Baiden missed the first 10 minutes because he was at a wedding.

our special teams set us up all day....JHood, J-Earls.....your new nick name is 'The J and J Electric company....'

The Soo came out chucking....they got a few breaks and they did what good teams do...make you pay. Once we settled down and l figured out the play sheet..we took what they gave and l made our superior speed the focus, there is not a team in this league that can match our talent...sure you may have a few ballers but we are stacked with ballers at every position. heck, our QB situation is nuts...we can beat you 3 different ways.

we only had 3 o-lineman there...the guys filled in and made it work. maybe N-T is our new centre?...not likely but he played like a did Kuz..Flex..Willard..Simon..Rouse(keep your head up)..Hicks..Des..most of these guys are not O-Lineman and they showed me that ballers can play anywhere.

we outgained them...out hit them...outplayed them. but only in the second half...we got thumped in the first quarter.l'm sure they would love to play us again...but like l always say..' it's not about what they's about us''

l was told that this was a big win for us...maybe it is, l understand we have a long way to go...this is just one win but now we know that we can beat anyone...l'm sure the NFC knows now that Milton is for real.

next week we get the Tri City doesn't get any easier...but hey, if it was easy it wouldn't be any fun.

l love this team.

oh....what the heck..l'll say it.

two years ago you beat us badly, ran a two minute drill when you were up 41-0, tried to threw a 50 yd pass with 10 seconds left when you were up by 56-0....l watched your team not clap when our guys were injured and coming came to our house with little or no respect. don't get me have some class guys...l really like a ton of guys on that team but these are the facts.

we got no gifts...we earned that win.. if you don't think so...l don't care.

l write guys cash them.


here is the article in the Sault star..enjoy.

">We committed far too many undisciplined penalties on offence, our defence took some dumb penalties and our special teams gave up a lot of punt return yardage. Steelers head coach Barry Rushon

Steelers finally bend

Posted By the sault star


The Sault Star

So much for an undefeated season.

Putting forth what head coach Barry Rushon called “our weakest effort of the year,” the Sault Steelers dropped a 22-14 decision to the Milton Marauders Saturday at Hamilton’s Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Despite suffering their first loss of the Northern Football Conference season, the Steelers remain in first place in the eight-team loop with a record of 5-1.

With the score tied 14-14 and just 1:38 remaining, the Marauders recovered a lateral in the Steelers end zone to seal their fourth win against one setback.

“We didn’t play very well and all three of our units didn’t do the job they were capable of doing,” said Rushon, whose team is off this Saturday but returns to action July 18 with a home game slated against the Toronto Maddogs. “We committed far too many undisciplined penalties on offence, our defence took some dumb penalties and our special teams gave up a lot of punt return yardage.”

“I’m disappointed with how we played, but I’m not upset or angry,” said defensive tackle Brandon Lewis. “Milton gave us everything they had and they played a full 60 minutes. It’s hard to say what happened to us.”

When pressed, Lewis did say he felt as if the Steelers allowed themselves to get into a war or words with the Marauders.

“There was a lot of jawing going on between the two teams and that’s not our style,” he noted. “That didn’t benefit us. It took us out of our normal game.”

Prior to scoring the winning major, Milton was punting with the wind at its back from the Sault 50-yard-line.

Rushon said return man Kyle Gauthier fielded the punt in the Steelers end zone but, not wanting to surrender a single point, attempted to lateral the ball to his brother, Josh Gauthier.

“It didn’t work out,” Rushon said. “Milton recovered it for a touchdown.”

The Steelers were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play and, after adding the convert, the Marauders kicker took advantage of a short field by booming the ensuing kickoff through the Steelers end zone for a single point.

That completed the scoring.

“I’m not disappointed by Kyle’s decision,” Rushon said. “It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and I’m not going to second-guess what he did.”

Ron Kelly, on what Rushon estimated was a 65-yard scoring pass from quarterback Travis McLean, and Josh Gauthier, on a three-year run, gave the visitors a 14-0 halftime lead.

Neither a scoring summary nor game statistics were made available.

Despite the early lead, both Rushon and Lewis didn’t think the Sault deserved it.

“We were lucky to be up at the half,” the Steelers coach said. “We were given a gift.”

When asked if his team was overconfident, Rushon answered in the negative.

“We were just out of sync from the opening whistle,” he said. “We didn’t run or throw well and penalties took us out of what we wanted to do.”

Rushon also blamed the layoff, which was forced on his team by Kingston forfeiting the previous Saturday’s game at Rocky DiPietro Field.

“It was unsettling for our team to not play a scheduled game last week,” he said. “That took a lot of the wind out of our sails.”

For his part, Lewis thinks the loss to Milton might eventually provide a benefit.

“It’s certainly an eye-opener,” he said. “This lets us know we have to come to the field more mentally prepared at all times.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marauders vs IVOR WYNNE.

the Sault Steelers are coming to town and the game will be held at Ivor Wynne staduim. The home of the CFL team the Hamilton Ti-cats. The administration at Ivor Wynne are a first class bunch and we would like to thank Lisa for helping us out on such short notice. This year has had it's ups and downs and we intend on getting back on the horse with a win against the Sault...nothing will be easy...if it were they would call it something else other than football. l have watched our team grow from a weak team in 2007 where we lost to the Sault, to a hard fought very close game the following we take the next step...WIN.

in order to be considered the best you must beat the best...

LETS ROLL BABY...first place is on the line.

5pm start time. Saturday July 4th

75 Balsam Avenue
North Hamilton, Ontario,
Canada L8L 8C1
Phone (905) 546-4246

Highlights...well kinda.

Milton Marauders vs. Toronto Maddogs (Northern Football Conference) from Rimrock Media on Vimeo.


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