Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Final word... it is ladies.

l hope that 37 will play again and if he doesn't it will be sad for him. l understand that playing tough and dropping bombs are part of the game but when you use your head as a weapon bad things happen.

Baiden was only protecting himself...the player in question was coming in to give a crushing hit. those are the facts...he took a wicked hit, that he was intending for our player and was knocked out. if our player was hit and knocked back you all would have cheered...the fact that he got hurt is not part of the initial reaction to the hit.

we all clapped when he was helped off...don't get stupid.

how many other hits did you guys cheer for...l remember when our 85 got hit you guys cheered...because he was stopped dead in his tracks..did l tell you that he ruptured his achilles on that hit? you feel bad that you cheered?...why not..he got injured.

he didn't, but he could have.... injures are part of the game.

l am not the best coach...but you are not the best players so l guess we are even. l do this out of love for the may not respect us..or me but we all respect the game.

talk about my career? that's guys need to see a doctor..that kind of diminished mental acuity may lead to a bigger issue.

l'm a joker....l may even be a joke...but dude, l love my team and we have fun. l think it's funny that you can't take what you give out. l thought you guys were the champs....why hide how you feel...tell us how you will win it all...beat everyone....have no close the table.

we have nothing to guys are already the champs....we all just don't know it yet.

thanks for coming by..these hits are helping us raise money.

as for the funny, we were only trying to accommodate your request to not play that weekend. l switched that game and even though some key guys wouldn't be there we decided to stick with whatever would help get this game played..the league told me to change it back. l have the weekend don't say we didn't do what you asked. Sunday July 26th at 2pm. in fact..l won't be there..l have work....l know it's childish what l do for a living but beats making seat cushions on an assembly line.

l will make sure we lay down for you....we are the lowly Marauders after all.

sooo funny....l know l'm the worst coach in the league...but my mommy loves me.

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