Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 is over..2010 begins.

The Marauders are already done with 2009 and on to 2010.

The family is growing...l have already got a large amount of guys commited to next years run. Desmond Thompson takes the #75 he always wanted. Marco is back...the LB has unfinished business...Serge is back if he doesn't turn pro...Baiden is the man..and there are countlees others that have to either cut weight or gain weight. The Marauders will be putting together a indoor team and this will be our off season camp as well.

The Marauders will be getting together for a team outing in September . we are going to an Argo game as a group , details will follow.

The banquet will be also in September so make sure you are ready to have a bit of fun.

The 2010 Marauder will be putting forth a proposal to once again move to Burlington. The new name will be revealed at the AGM after we all meet and decided the new name...l'm leaning to the 'ORANGE'...but l'm bias .

lets start the season will be taken care of next more poor showings on the road.

hey all, the Mighty D' t-shirts will be available at the Championship game....just kidding but l'm sure we could sell a few based on the emails l'm getting.

LETS ROLL BABY...2010 WILL be the year ....BURLINGTON gets a new team...Yeah baby!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday at Nelson . equipment turn in 8pm to 9pm.

Thursday is the day...last week we had the tornado so although it was terrible weather the turn out was pretty good. lets get the business done so we can move on to other stuff. the Marauders moved forward this year with a stronger showing than the year before but we still did not achieve what we wanted...l look forward to the 2010 version of this cry babies ...just ballers.

am l the best l get more talented coaches ..yes...we have a good base but we need more..l'll make sure we do.

so....the Sault won it all...congrats to them. They are the team that most resembles a TEAM in this league. l feel proud that we at least beat them once which only makes us hopeful for the future..the way we ended our season was very disappointing but at least l feel great that when we played them with our full squad we beat them...but we all know stats and comments like that are for losers.

l know a few things about football and l know that if you are not the champs you are just like the rest of us...don't get excited over being one of the losers...just know you need to work harder next year. l will say that although we had a decent season l'm glad that we are the ONLY team to beat them this year...and l would have loved to see if we could have beaten the 2nd place finisher as well... having two missed extra points and a rouge by them to lose by 3 makes me feel that we are closer to the powerhouses then they would like to admit.

but then again these are the ramblings of teams and coaches of people not getting it done...

lets end this a quote from one of my idols..

'HEY HEY least you beat the Sault...thats something no one else could do''

that is good...why , because the best TEAM won....just like it should be. The football gods always make things right.

Crazy Coacho is out...see you in a few.

Monday, August 17, 2009

We lost...Badly but l love the heart.

the final score was...a whole bunch to nothing.

59-0 was the final...

the Sault team is good and the deserved to win...we showed a ton of heart but in the end we brought a popsicle stick to a gun fight. l would have loved to see our full team take them on but with guys going to the pros and others with prior commitments we just did not have the players that beat the Steelers a few weeks ago.

Players stepped up..our QB on the weekend didn't know he was going to play until it was obvious that our two other QB couldn't make it. only 4 starters on defense...a handful on offense...and a ton of guys who didn't get much time all year that were pressed into playing.

l still believe that on any given day we can beat anyone in this league...but this weekend we were over matched . We crying over spilt milk here....l'm a man and l take my lumps .

the guys who came to play have my upmost did me proud. ( we may have lost but we looked better then them...these are things you say when you get smoked...)

to all the guys who couldn't make's a shame that after the hard work ,that we all put in that we did not have a true showing of what kind of team we were.

l am so disappointed about makes my stomach turn. l have gone through a ton for this team...and l will do even more. l will get the help the Marauders will need to move from a strong team to a consistent team that is always in the hunt.

l am proud to be a Marauder.

this Thursday at 8pm at Nelson we will do the final wrap up...the equipment return and uniform return forms will be given out.

first step step make step win a playoff step win it all.....( three down one to go)

in November we are meeting for our fall attitude.

if you don't have won't be a Marauder next year.

see you on Thursday at Nelson 8-9pm. 9pm we go eat and get a soda.....GINGER ALE for everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

yeah he looks good....Go HOOD..

you can boast about who is on your team.....but Marauders are everywhere...

What they are saying....

so this is what they wanted....a chance to atone for the 'mistake' they made by losing to us....hahahahaha come on man, you just got beat by a better team that day.

here it is...enjoy.

by the way..Damo hasn't played for Oakville in years..but thanks for making it seems as if we only got better with CFL guys and Oakville the way, we are all MARAUDERS , get it straight. why don't these guys ever do research would take 5 minutes to get some facts...oh well...lets go have some fun.

Steelers home to Milton in Round 2
Visitors feature receivers who played pro in the CFL
Posted By Randy Russon
Updated 2 days ago

Part of a seasonal session with sportswriter Randy Russon and Sault Steelers head coach Barry Rushon.

RUSSON: Well Coach, it's one down, two to go. The Steelers have taken the first step towards winning the Northern Football Conference championship with a 51-0 opening-round playoff win over the Kingston Privateers.

RUSHON: Exactly that Randy, a first step. The next game will be extremely tough as it now will be played against the upper echelon. All four remaining teams are capable of winning the NFC crown and it will come down to who can get their game on a roll with the confidence of all teammates and mesh this confidence with good, old- fashioned work ethic. The teams that can do this will be in the NFC title game.


RUSSON: I would think it'll be tougher from here on in. Fill us in on what can be expected from your second-round playoff opponent.

RUSHON: The Milton Marauders will be our opponent and they are a quality football team. They had the notoriety of being the only team to beat us this year so I know I speak for our players when I say we are glad to host them and get an opportunity to atone for our previous mistake. They are a well-balanced team that uses the run very well with George Baiden their main man carrying the ball on an average of 25 times per game. Their receiving corps has two all-stars in Josh Earls who has outstanding speed and Damian Hannaford who came over from the Oakville Longhorns when they folded this year. Their defense is led by all-star linebacker Craig Davoren who just may be the most physical linebacker in the league. We also have to be aware of their great special teams play as they have a couple of real burners in Earls and Jon Hood who spent some time playing pro in the Canadian Football League.


RUSSON: So it's another home playoff game this Saturday at Rocky DiPietro Field. Maybe some good weather for a change?

RUSHON: We have had just awful weather this year both at home and on the road. I hope that we can get some good weather for a change and we hope to see a good crowd out to cheer us on. The fans last Saturday were amazing and really good to see. The players really appreciate the support of our fans.

Monday, August 10, 2009

We won 28-14 over the Raiders- playoffs round one.

so...l have been away and the marauders lost two games against two tough teams. now l know we have some great ballers on every team and any team can win on any given Saturday but the parity in this league is nuts. take for example the four remaining teams....we bet the Sault...they beat the maddogs and tricity...we lost to the Maddogs and Tri City.

it just goes to show that anyone can win this....

The Raiders are a much improved team from the first time we played them..and without some injuries l think they would have been a much tougher team to play. Even as it is...they play 60 minutes and are probably the fastest team in the NFC. The #1 kid is flat out the toughest guy to tackle...l think he has double jointed hips..the kid was the first RB to put 100 on our defense..thats no easy task( we haven't given up a 100 rusher all year...).

the game was closer than the score..they had three red zone turnovers...two picks one fumble.

but than again...there is no such thing as luck in football.

Ricky was Ricky....making plays and making me lose years off my life...

The Marauders showed why we are one of the best teams in the NFC...we played tough,smart and made just enough plays to win.
l am forgetting a few was my first playoff win as a Headcoach. The Gatorade shower was funny...l was already soaked so it was all for nothing....Flex was the only guy to get me that l wouldn't chase...hey, he's bigger than me. Baiden ran like he always does...l don't see how he is not the MVP...( or at least in the running...100 yards on everyone he played? other back can say that).

our Dbs are awesome...but l wonder if they can tackle...hahaha.

00...ahhh, l was hoping for a can blame Kirby for tripping you. hey Conrad...squeeze the rock.hahaha.

you D'Vid...hows the knee's.

so our team is heading to the next round...we play the mighty Sault Steelers...they are the NFC's best team..we are the lowest seed left so we travel the rest of the way. I think the the Steelers will be out to avenge their only loss this year and we plan on keeping the train should be a fun ride. l see a hard hitting will take a A++ effort to win...but l have a feeling that we will play them tough...we are the MARAUDERS...we don't lay down for anyone.

60 minutes of or go home...

LETS ROLL MILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trof...not Cof...yep l get it ..sorry bro.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Practice times..

practice are


all at Nelson 8-1030pm...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'M BACKKKK!!!!! trip was amazing..but l'm ready for football.

l was in SD ...l was there for work.

l was signing in the Marvel booth with a few big time guys...l was the young gun.

tha Wolverine drawing was done by me for times.

l won't get into the trip..check my other blog for the

l met Ahman Green from the packers...nice guy and a comic fan..although he is a batman fan, l will work on him being a Marvel guy.

so we lost two games to end up 4-4...still not a great record considering how talented we are. the playoffs are here and we get the RAIDERS. The Toronto Raiders are a talented team and we won by only 7 last time...sure they scored early and late but the final score was 28-21. we will have to be on point to get a win...l think we have the team to do well but in the playoffs but it's up to us.

lets roll Marauders...time to make it happen. Tuesday night it's on...

l heard some comments... not very original..but hey, you can only work with what you have. calling a fat black man...a fat black man seems kind of redundant.but don't forget....l'm talented.....and l'm sure putting bolt 'a' in slot 'b' is a childhood dream of yours....keep living the dream .hahaha...l love it.

life is good.

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