Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Lost 45-21 to Oakville.

Well our season is over....we lost to the passing of Dennison.

The game was the tale of two halfs.... we came out flat on offense...our defense was out there a lot.

The longhorns got a 28 -0 lead and they were having a good time pounding there chests and acting like champs. Tommy Dennison is a great player and he is the guy who seems to find the open guy more times than not...but that team is average without him. We are a team on the rise and they are the same as last year...they are still a bit better than us with the MVP but our MVP was hurt all year and half our defense was either hurt or couldn't make the game. We saw how good they are with out their QB...imagine if our starters could have played....a healthy Baiden...Saunders...Mcloud...Bridge...Nigel...a healthy Hanniford...a healthy FLEX...l can't wait until next year.

we came back in the game and made it close...we almost came within 3 points but we threw an interception in the endzone to kill a very good drive...we responded well and showed a ton of character. l think that 28-0 would have crushed most teams...but not us . we are Milton.....we don't yield.

the final score was 45-21...we out played them after they got the big lead...they know it.

Oakville has some class guys...Liston,Wayne, Radway, Junior, Bartollo (spelling), tommy, tommy, etc. these guys are just good people...the longhorns play tough...they are smart ....and they are fun to play....l just wish their headcoach could respect their opponents more.

l would like to thank the ballers that played this for the new look Marauders...l love the heart you showed.

a few more things...l read in the Oakville beaver that Mr Emo thinks we gave up the game because we didn't have the money to host the game....dude, let me be clear...l make more money then you....and you know it. In fact don't be angry that l refused your offer to come and clean my house...l already have a maid service. they even hold sunflower seeds...

l am tired of being nice to you. l know that deep down what bothers you most is that Milton made a bigger leap than your team this past season...l guess it's the coaching. don't send me a stupid email about what l'm writing's my blog and if you don't like it don't come here.

you have no class, Emo...and if you got something to say don't do in the paper...l live by the lake.....come see me.

Emo, don't tell me you hate the NFC and will retire after the season....l don't care what you do. l 'm not your boy...but l'm sure you think of me as a 'BOY', don't you. Head Negro in charge....please, don't tell me you lots of black friends.

you call and kiss my ass...'' My biggest regret is leaving Milton'' must be nice to think you are the smartest guy in the room. You really think l was buying into your $h%...?....really?...look for a few releases....your team knows the place to play is Milton.

we turned it around in one step....we go all the way.

''GO MILTON 2009''

Friday, August 1, 2008

Milton finishes 4-3. l haven't posted in a while...sorry about that, Mr Flint says it's because we lost a few....maybe he's right but to be honest, l just got crazy busy with life.

We play the Longhorns this Bronte.

We are the we have nothing to lose.

see you all Saturday....

we practice next week on Tuesday....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Milton is 3-0..but lucky as hell.

Well...we won but l think we used up all the luck a Marauder can get. l can't believe how many breaks we's as if we have a divine being looking out for us. l have been around football a long time and a short time as a headcoach...l have never seen a more classy group of players and a well run organization.

l read somewhere that respect is not given but is earned....well l give my upmost respect to the Maddogs because they earned it.

we got to see the Hanni-score show....two weeks and 4 TD's.....he may never come to practice again.

To Bumblebee...thank you for all you have done for us and l hope to see you back real soon.You could have bailed like the rest but l want to thank you for staying...l don't think you understand how much we needed you. l hope you will be back real soon...we won't be the same without you. get well soon .

the team is up against the Raiders....don't let their record fool you they beat us badly last year. Milton is in tough against a team who is hungry for a win.

lets roll.

Go Milton.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Milton Champion gets it right....hey, Northbay Nugget, take notes.

Graham Paine, Champion photographer
HE'S IN THERE: Marauder Sean Faulknor stretches across the line for Milton's first touchdown Saturday.

Marauders still unbeaten after comeback win over North Bay
By Murray Townsend, Special to the Champion
Jun 18, 2008

he new-look Marauders revealed some character -- and some characters -- on their way to a 28-19 home-field victory over the North Bay Bulldogs to improve their early-season record to 2-0.
Milton got off to a slow start, falling behind 7-0 on its first possession when a Brandon Nikiforuk pass was picked off and returned 62 yards. The Bulldogs added a field goal to make it 10-0.

When the Marauders fumbled on the one-yard line and lost the ball they started to resemble last year's edition -- but only for a short time.

They battled back on their next possession, driving from the North Bay 48-yard line. Set up by an 18-yard reception by Mike Dinsdale, Sean Faulkner topped off a lengthy drive with a 10-yard rumble into the end-zone.

Faulknor had another strong game with 74 total yards -- the same number of yards gained by all-star running back George Baiden.

Just before the half the Bulldogs took a 13-7 lead on a 12-yard field goal, but with time running out Kelly Hughes connected with Chan Flint, who caught the ball in a crowd and then left defenders far behind, racing 75 yards to the house to put Milton up 14-13.

The second half was mostly Milton. Damian Hannaford caught two touchdowns, one for three yards and one for 65 yards. Mitch Martel kicked all the extra points. North Bay added an inconsequential touchdown with no time remaining on the clock.

While the team was waiting for the offense to come alive, the defense was getting them the ball. Linebacker Craig Davoren was rock solid once again, while linemen Roger Tomlinson and Sergio Simes came up with big plays.

But overall, it was the Dennis Lyte show. The Burlington Braves junior graduate came up with a personal-high three interceptions in the second half. After his second pick-off he spread his arms wide like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham and after his third took a well-deserved bow.

"We dropped about five interceptions in the first half -- including one by me -- so we had to bring it in the second half," said Lyte.

Last season the secondary was a sore spot on the Marauders. Opponents couldn't run against the defence, but they could pass -- and pass often. Not any more, and the new secondary has meshed quickly.

"We've got a close group of guys," remarked Lyte. "One person is cheering everybody else on."

Head coach Ken Lashley doesn't want to get overly excited about the 2-0 start, suggesting there's still a lot of work to do.

"We can get a lot better. It was good for us as a team because we won in the ugliest way. These are the kind of games you have to win."

The Marauders still look to keep their unbeaten streak alive on the road Saturday, against the 3-0 Toronto Maddogs.

Northbay is CrazyCoacho

l was very nice to Northbay in my last post...but l just read the Northbay Nugget and they feel like we didn't deserve to win.

hey, we beat your ass fair and square....don't cry about missed plays and don't act like it was close. you still lost by 9 and scored a questionable touchdown with no time left on the clock. l read all the Bulls#*t about us holding you and other crap...we got hosed on a fumble play where our back was pushed back 10 yards ....and then let up...the ball was dropped and you guys got the ball...that was a gift, considering we were on your 5 yardline.....what about the way you dismissed us running all over you team.

you act like it was an act from GOD that we scored with 10 seconds left in the, we just put our fastest guy to run past your one man that our fault you couldn't catch him?...l see we should run a sweep so that you guys can make plays...sorry about that..hey, Bulldogs...we only kneel at the end of games after we have already won.

geez guys...l thought you guys were cool, l guess not. we should have never taken out our starters....maybe we should have beat you by 30.

we picked you 3 times dropped at least 5 more ....holes in our secondary? are you nuts. the only hole is in your head....stop throwing at the same guy 5 times with the same play....he picked it 3 times and dropped the easiest one of all. your offense got only 6 points before the last play of the game.....what are you guys saying?..we threw 3 TD's...ran for another...all on gifts. we threw for over 250 and ran for 160.

400 yards of offense is not a crappy day...but it sure is better than what you did.

give us some beat us last year by 2....we beat you by 9...really it was 15 but you got an early X-mas gift.

CrazyCoacho is the alter ego of Coachken....he's nuts but hardly ever wrong.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We are 2-0

The Milton Marauders are 2-0.....yep that's right.

no nicknames this week....we played well below our standards.

l love this team....they make me look good.

the Bulldogs are a fun bunch of hard nose footballers.They have a ton of great football players and they came to play.

We were not good ..we were sloppy, and a bit hungover after the win last week. l learned a valuable lesson that l must get focused on what's next and get my team to do the same. because of our great ballers we have we won...l did very little to help.

When you win like this you realize how good you can become....we were awful and still out scored them 28-9 after we trailed by 10. we can't do that next week...Maddogs are up...they are undefeated and have given up hardly any will be a tough game .

full roster next week...we will need it.


p.s. Ouch o score o.......he is now uncoachable .l will also have two trainers out next for Sean and the other for the team.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Milton starts off with a win.



We beat Oakville....but l get the sense they think we got lucky, but we all know lucky is a horseshoe term not a football term.

Although it was supposed to be the game of the week, l would say that both teams play below expectations. We played with a great deal of passion and we came to play. l would like to thank all of the Marauder warriors that played their guts out.

the game was fun to watch....we ran the ball very well and threw just enough to keep them honest. Brandon managed the game with precision and Sean ran wild on a very good Longhorn Defense. Baiden as always was great...the line played well and keep the pressure on all day.

o-line took care of business and of course the Defense played 'lights-out'' for the whole game.


l think people would expect me to be excited to beat the longhorns and Barry Emo.....l'm not , l understand that we are off to a great start but there is a long way to go. l heard the longhorns were missing a lot of good footballer so this score is not indicative of the talent...we had the same issue, all l know is that we are a better football team then we were last year....l think Oakville knows that now.

l would like to thank the longhorns for the well wishes after the game....Mr Emo your words meant so much to me.

lets go Milton....Northbay is next.

Coach Ken

what l'm l saying......WWWOOOOWWWWHHHHH......MILTON...MILTON....MILTON......MILTON.....hahahahahahaha...Who can't coach?....Losers......NO CLASS?...Wife beater is sick...D-lights-out.....little and big D.....Ouch-o miss o......baider...Sean puffy score...Mitchy clutch...00 no...slick mcloud...Trashtalk hanni(who knew)...Lee thekiller.....ROGERROGER 'you don't want this...Flex an Hammer....KoolK75...Big chops78...Snake-venom...Bang bang bubble bee....80 milliondollar tackle...Willardthe Wizard....Mcgown the chop master....CHEWIE...Brandon the general....Smoothmove80.....Demer the ageless...burningloveWill....42-3?l don't think so....crackback27...allday 9......tjlove....Ryan22'we did it......if l forgot you....l just ran out of stuff...see you on Tuesday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Saturday we Go

Well it begins.....On Saturday we play the Longhorns.

It will be the opening of the 2008 season for both of us. The game is sure to full of hard hits , great plays, screaming...and a few Longhorn minutes...hahaha.

They think they will smash us....the think they are 40 points better then us. they can say whatever they want. The game is never decided by message boards and football pools....we have to play to see who is right.

they have a good team....we are much much? we will see 9:30pm on Saturday after it over.

l would like to say thank you to the ballers who make Milton their home, we had a great we have fun.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

here is the info sheet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a week...

The first week of indoors is over and l couldn't be more pleased.

The best week of practice l have ever seen as coach is what l would ave called last week. We are looking stronger everyday....the progress we are having is getting me excited about the prospects of having a very competitive season.

We have some new VERY talented players and l look forward to seeing them tear this league up. We are rebuilding ...and that takes time but each day we more towards being a top tier team.

The New look Marauders are rolling....We go'Nike' this season and the coaches gear is as hot as the players uniforms.

See you on Tuesday...7pm Bishop Reding High-school.

''nice shirt....undershirts are not standard issue football gear''

Go Milton...Family business.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So the real work begins...May 6th baby.

Well as the indoors draw to a close we start the outdoor portion of the 2008 Milton Marauders football team.

l would like to thank all of you who came out over the past few weeks and to see all the new faces and old ones is amazing to see. l think we will MUCH improved from last year and we won't be playing ironman football anymore. With the Nike sponsorship and a few other things that are coming being a Marauder has never been more fun.

we will be back at Bishop Reding starting this Tuesday , May the 6th.

1120 Main Street East
Milton, ON
L9T 4B6

we are rolling.....GO MILTON

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 20th -Marauder 2008

The wait is over....the new look Milton Marauders start this weekend .

That'a right - Indoor starts this Sunday at 5:30 Tansley Woods Community
Centre Upper Middle Road between Walkers Line and Appleby. Bring

lets get rolling.

for any questions contact myself at 905-631-6827.


Friday, March 28, 2008


Well the time has come to get this rolling. l have been working with the crew on all things Milton...and we look great. The new website is up and is being worked on every day. the site is a work in progress and we hope to have it all finished in a few weeks.

the indoor workouts will be held in the second week in April and the location is the Milton Leisure centre. will be holding a meet and greet session before that workout so we can sign up and more importantly get to meet some of the new faces that will be in the Maroon and silver this year.

We have a few big things....we are now a Nike sponsored team. What does that mean....well, we will be a 'Head to toe' Nike team. We would like to thank Nike for letting us join the family of teams that Nike sponsors. The new uniforms look amazing and without a doubt we will be the best dressed team in the NFC. play like you feel...this is one of the many steps that will aid us in having a very successful season this year.

we are starting a bit late..why? well when you see how we worked things this year you will understand why. We will have new coaches in key postions. a Grey Cup winner has joined the fold. his passion and knowledge will help us greatly.

That's the first post of the new season.

the tag line for the season will be...'' F$%% it ..lets win''


Sunday, February 3, 2008

new Marauder site

the new home of the Milton Marauders is

the new look Marauders don't care what happen last year and who has come and gone ....we are only focused on the future. l have had a great off season with regards to players ,coaches and all things Marauders.

The future starts now.

We don't rebuild, We just reload.



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