Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Lost 45-21 to Oakville.

Well our season is over....we lost to the passing of Dennison.

The game was the tale of two halfs.... we came out flat on offense...our defense was out there a lot.

The longhorns got a 28 -0 lead and they were having a good time pounding there chests and acting like champs. Tommy Dennison is a great player and he is the guy who seems to find the open guy more times than not...but that team is average without him. We are a team on the rise and they are the same as last year...they are still a bit better than us with the MVP but our MVP was hurt all year and half our defense was either hurt or couldn't make the game. We saw how good they are with out their QB...imagine if our starters could have played....a healthy Baiden...Saunders...Mcloud...Bridge...Nigel...a healthy Hanniford...a healthy FLEX...l can't wait until next year.

we came back in the game and made it close...we almost came within 3 points but we threw an interception in the endzone to kill a very good drive...we responded well and showed a ton of character. l think that 28-0 would have crushed most teams...but not us . we are Milton.....we don't yield.

the final score was 45-21...we out played them after they got the big lead...they know it.

Oakville has some class guys...Liston,Wayne, Radway, Junior, Bartollo (spelling), tommy, tommy, etc. these guys are just good people...the longhorns play tough...they are smart ....and they are fun to play....l just wish their headcoach could respect their opponents more.

l would like to thank the ballers that played this for the new look Marauders...l love the heart you showed.

a few more things...l read in the Oakville beaver that Mr Emo thinks we gave up the game because we didn't have the money to host the game....dude, let me be clear...l make more money then you....and you know it. In fact don't be angry that l refused your offer to come and clean my house...l already have a maid service. they even hold sunflower seeds...

l am tired of being nice to you. l know that deep down what bothers you most is that Milton made a bigger leap than your team this past season...l guess it's the coaching. don't send me a stupid email about what l'm writing's my blog and if you don't like it don't come here.

you have no class, Emo...and if you got something to say don't do in the paper...l live by the lake.....come see me.

Emo, don't tell me you hate the NFC and will retire after the season....l don't care what you do. l 'm not your boy...but l'm sure you think of me as a 'BOY', don't you. Head Negro in charge....please, don't tell me you lots of black friends.

you call and kiss my ass...'' My biggest regret is leaving Milton'' must be nice to think you are the smartest guy in the room. You really think l was buying into your $h%...?....really?...look for a few releases....your team knows the place to play is Milton.

we turned it around in one step....we go all the way.

''GO MILTON 2009''

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