Friday, June 29, 2007


This week we play Oakville at 7pm. at Bronte Field at 2175 Lakeshore Road West in Oakville.

Much has been said and although we pretend to like each other the Longhorns have no respect for us...but respect is always earned on the field so l 'll let my men take care of that themselves. l circled this game months ago but l realized....who cares. l don't respect the way some of the Longhorns conduct themselves ( they know who they are), l have great respect for some guys on that team they are just good guys but come 7pm on Saturday all of that goes out the window and we play ball.

l thought about an incident that happened last night at our sponsor bar, The Ivy Arms.......As a coach it was not the thing to do to an opposing teams player ,but if l was a player..l would have told the player in question that he needed to relax and don't get his panties in a bunch.

that this weeks game will be fun.....l love the subplots.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First win narrowly eludes Marauders
Jun 26, 2007
It counts as a loss in the standings, but for the Mara ders it was a win of sorts, despite coming out on the short end o a 15-13 decision Saturday against the visiting N
Football is a game of inches, but it was just one inch that kept Milton from tying the score with just over a minute remaining.

After blocking a North Bay punt, the Marauders took over on their own 52-yard line. A pass interference call gave them a first down and then Stuart Schiassi connected with a 43-yard throw and run to George Baiden. With calf muscles cramped up while breaking into the clear, he had to stumble the last 10 yards painfully before collapsing in the end zone.

Trailing 15-13, Milton needed the two-point conversion to even things up. All-pro linebacker Wayne McGillvary, who also took his turns at fullback, muscled the ball down to the goal line. He claims he made it into the end zone, but the referee said otherwise.

The Bulldogs were up the two points by accident in the first place. On their first touchdown, they tried for the extra point, but a bad snap created a scrambling situation. One of their players picked up the ball and ran with it, and got the two points.

This was the first game that the Marauders have been able to move the ball, thanks largely to Baiden, who totaled 127 yards on 21 carries and scored both touchdowns. The first came in the second quarter after the Marauders had fallen behind 15-0.

They started a drive from their own 32-yard-line. Baiden picked up big yardage several times, sandwiched around a Jamie Radway first down catch, finally taking it in the final 12 yards for the major.

Baiden did everything except mind the barbecue at the concession stand. He returned a punt for a touchdown that was called back on a penalty, returned kick-offs, played defense, and even recovered an on-side kick in the last minute, that too called back by a penalty.

Baiden's explanation for the team's offensive turnaround was as simple as getting more practice time together. "We had more reps as a unit. And the O-Line came with their A-game."

Defensively, the Marauders made several big plays, despite missing much of their secondary. The biggest came in the third quarter after a bad punt gave North Bay position on Milton's eight-yard line.

The Bulldogs decided to go for it on fourth and goal from about the three and Craig Davoren crashed through the line and brought down the running back before he could even think of going anywhere.

"It's still a loss," said coach Ken Lashley. "This is a game we should have won."

The team was missing seven regulars for various reasons, including eligibility, and with them in the lineup Lashley says, "We win this game hands down...and we still could have won."

Next week's game is the big one, at Oakville's Bronte Field Saturday at 7 p.m.

As if these teams didn't have a big enough rivalry already, the Marauders, now 0-3, are facing former coach Barry Emo and the 2-2 Longhorns, who have a couple dozen players who were with Milton last season.

"A lot of people are calling it a grudge match," said Lashley. "It's a game. We need a victory and they need a victory."

Sunday, June 24, 2007


We lost to a team we should have bet yesterday.

They were the happiest group of players to see the time expire.....they knew they stole one. A bad snap taken in for two was the difference in a 15-13 loss. We were short 8 players from last week's game and that hurt us in the defensive backfield.

l read that the headcoach of Northbay said we are better than our record would show....he's partly right. We are better than our three losses would indicate. We out gained the Northbay team on offense and had several big plays called back for infractions. a kick return for a touchdown was taken off the board and a interception returned deep into Bulldog territory as well as a 50 yard run that put us on the doorstep .

our team is very competitive but our short bench makes for a long day of lronman football. Northbay say's they had a short bench but we have no bench so give me a break with that one. we had a two point game tying conversion at the end of the game that was called no close ...a few inches l was told.

that's Football...a game of inches.

l wish l could get mad at the Bulldogs but they are a fun bunch of guys who are all about ball...l know there is a history with the Bulldogs and l honor that but the group of guys l met at the fifth quarter were just a bunch of good guys .

Baiden ran all over them with 126 yards and a touchdown on the ground and one in the air....he carried us all day.

Turnball and Miller blew up the defense.

Mc-Dav killed anyone who wore yellow and black.

we played as a unit all day....we will beat some people this year.

We play Oakville next week...alot has been said about us playing them and l saw a few longhorns at our game taping us, l want to keep this as just another game in which we need a win . They are 2-2 and we are 0-3 so we are both not where we want to be. The new look Marauders look to get in the win column and we don't care who it comes against.....strap them up.

wait.....what am l saying.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Practise times and field locations.

Halton Catholic District School Board
Bishop P F Reding Secondary
Address : 1120 Main E, ON

the practises are from 7-9pm Tuesday and Thursday.

call me for any additional info you may need 416-990-8022.

we will be doing an indoor every Sunday for all groups, the dates will be posted on here in a few days.

Milton makes no excuses......we come to play.

Ken Lashley
Milton Marauders.


The Toronto Raiders beat us with a few good plays and stellar special teams.

but we are better than the score would indicate, we dropped a go ahead two point conversion and were only down one score late in the third quarter . To be honest we just ran out of gas.

a few key guys were missing but that is the case with every team but when you have 30 players a few guys means ''IRONMAN BALL'' ask Jason Burke how he feels today ....not too many WR can play DE all day get a few tackles and force a fumble.

l could say that about everyone...Dav ( all world, all day all night), Miller ( Mr Universe), Benet-zzzzoooo, Baiden ( best back in the league...period), McGill ( nice block....tell Drew he's a god), Mcleod ( gave us a chance with a amazing tackle), Prime time ( l love to see you run), Crispin...(sickness), Hanni-- (2 picks), Every big boy....Barbados, Attardo, Mr.INK, 'NORM' ( the all kill crew).

BB ...(killed people) , Dave ( Ageless one),Big boy #95,Billy the tackle wizard,Roger ( the clean break kid)- Kirshawn...( trueballer) -Radway ( the warrior)-Davis ( l'll do anything )-Charles ( l got you, coach)- Stu ( Halftime kid haha)-#27( kickergod)- and anyone l missed.....l'll do push ups for you.

my coaches...Mr. Hack and Mr Todd as usual you make me look good.

Bev is one firecracker... she is the teams backbone....l will never take her for granted.

Our Defense is nuts and kept us in the game. We are moving forward...not easy but l love a challenge.

l love this team...we are chasing rings excuses ...just playing ball.

we go for a win this week...but how is that different from any other week.

Ken Lashley
Milton Marauders

Friday, June 15, 2007

WE BATTLE THE RAIDERS June 16th at 12:30pm...don't be late

Hey Marauders,

we are on the move this week as we take on the Raiders . these are the directions and please be there at 11am to get ready to do battle.

for any info please contact me at 416-990-8022.

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