Friday, June 29, 2007


This week we play Oakville at 7pm. at Bronte Field at 2175 Lakeshore Road West in Oakville.

Much has been said and although we pretend to like each other the Longhorns have no respect for us...but respect is always earned on the field so l 'll let my men take care of that themselves. l circled this game months ago but l realized....who cares. l don't respect the way some of the Longhorns conduct themselves ( they know who they are), l have great respect for some guys on that team they are just good guys but come 7pm on Saturday all of that goes out the window and we play ball.

l thought about an incident that happened last night at our sponsor bar, The Ivy Arms.......As a coach it was not the thing to do to an opposing teams player ,but if l was a player..l would have told the player in question that he needed to relax and don't get his panties in a bunch.

that this weeks game will be fun.....l love the subplots.

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