Sunday, June 24, 2007


We lost to a team we should have bet yesterday.

They were the happiest group of players to see the time expire.....they knew they stole one. A bad snap taken in for two was the difference in a 15-13 loss. We were short 8 players from last week's game and that hurt us in the defensive backfield.

l read that the headcoach of Northbay said we are better than our record would show....he's partly right. We are better than our three losses would indicate. We out gained the Northbay team on offense and had several big plays called back for infractions. a kick return for a touchdown was taken off the board and a interception returned deep into Bulldog territory as well as a 50 yard run that put us on the doorstep .

our team is very competitive but our short bench makes for a long day of lronman football. Northbay say's they had a short bench but we have no bench so give me a break with that one. we had a two point game tying conversion at the end of the game that was called no close ...a few inches l was told.

that's Football...a game of inches.

l wish l could get mad at the Bulldogs but they are a fun bunch of guys who are all about ball...l know there is a history with the Bulldogs and l honor that but the group of guys l met at the fifth quarter were just a bunch of good guys .

Baiden ran all over them with 126 yards and a touchdown on the ground and one in the air....he carried us all day.

Turnball and Miller blew up the defense.

Mc-Dav killed anyone who wore yellow and black.

we played as a unit all day....we will beat some people this year.

We play Oakville next week...alot has been said about us playing them and l saw a few longhorns at our game taping us, l want to keep this as just another game in which we need a win . They are 2-2 and we are 0-3 so we are both not where we want to be. The new look Marauders look to get in the win column and we don't care who it comes against.....strap them up.

wait.....what am l saying.

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