Monday, February 26, 2007


On Sunday March 11th at the Milton Leisure Centre the first of 5 indoor workouts will start. These indoor session are open to all returning and new players. The workouts will be a basic introduction into the new Marauders program, handouts and a practice schedule will be available to all who attend . The new look will be introduced as well as the 2007 coaches.

for more information contact me ;

Location: 1100 Main Street East, Milton
(between Thompson Road and James Snow Parkway)

Telephone: 905-878-7946 for information about the Milton Leisure Centre.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


You are listening to my playlist from the countless NFL films cd's l have, gets me jacked up everytime l here track #2.

Milton has confirmed some great ballplayers from the ....wait l can't say just yet. l wouldn't want to tip my hand before we get to play our first game , but let me be the firsts to say that l can't wait to start playing. Training camp is around the corner and the conditioning practises are starting shortly.

we will be a fun bunch to watch.

Coach ken

Thursday, February 22, 2007


l went back to Syracuse this past season to watch my old team play the top ranked Louisville Cardinals , lt was great to see some old faces ( ran into my old headcoach ) l got my football batteries juiced up and l got a few tricks that will be front and centre this year with the Marauders. The orange still have one of the best pre-game warm ups in the game....but you need 100 players to do it. look for more updates real soon.

Players meeting at the Ivy Arms, dates to follow. we start our official indoor training in a few weeks so come back here for the information about times and location.

Ken Lashley
Milton Marauders

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Interested in playing football for the best team in the NFC ? well contact us at or Get the info on what it takes to be a member of the Marauder family. We are the TRUE dirty birds.

Some stipulation's are you must be 19 yrs old or older and have the heart of a champion.

for all other information regarding the Milton Marauders please contact

New logo

Milton Marauders are stepping up with a new look for the 2007 season. My team and l ( have put out heads together and come up with a logo . lt was a tough proccess to narrow the designs to one but l think you will agree that the one chosen looks great.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Milton Marauders new era beings

The Milton Marauders are headed in a new direction , not really 'new' but just with a different mindset. l have been offered the chance to uphold the tradition of quality football that has been the Marauders legacy for the past few season's. l intend to run this team like l do the rest of my life with class and dignity. l realize ,like any coach should know, that players win games and championships, coaches guide and lead , but in the end the players decide if they want to win or not.

l have played at a high level and been given the oppurtunity to coach at various levels and one thing always rings true, if you are not a person of character this is not the game for you. lt takes great pride and resilience to play football and because you can run and throw does not make you a great player...that is only one part of the equation .

'' strap them up''

l am the new Head Coach and this is the first statemant from me .

Ken Lashley
Head Coach
Milton Marauders

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