Friday, May 22, 2009

Northbay comes to town May 30th..

Sooooo.... The season is fast approaching and the first test of the 2009 season is the Northbay bulldogs. They are a very spirited group and they have a Marauders captain on their roster this year. Ryan Mc Gowan..AKA-the sleeveless one. will make his debut in the yellow and black. although it will be like fighting a brother...we all know that sibling rivalry can sometimes be the most fun.

it will be fun.

The Marauder practices are getting rolling with the new coaches and new players...l don't think that we have ever looked better. l look at the roster and think 'WOW'...l have to do my part to make sure that we maximize the potential....young talent with tons of up side, along with seasoned old vets. l can't wait to get rolling.

life is fun.

lets roll....the new look is the old one just made up with a few changes. The helmets are all is our uniforms. This year is going to be fun for us. The Mayor Cam Jackson has welcomed us with open arms and we have never felt more at home . Burlington is the destination next year...lets see how it works this year with a few home games and a pro style look. If you have never seen us play before you know we are a spirited group of football players....we come to play every week....we can't wait to get it rolling.

MARAUDERS 2009....we are coming.

Coach Ken

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dates...oh MY. LETS BALL

*May 30th at Corpus Christi - 1pm to 6pm. (2pm start ) North bay is the opponent

*June 6th at Corpus Christi- 5pm to 10pm ( 7pm start) Toronto Raiders is the opponent

*July 26th at Corpus Christi-1pm to 6pm ( 2pm start) Tri City Outlaws are the opponent

*****July 4th at Nelson -5pm to 10pm ( 7pm start) Sault Steelers are the opponent.**** ( this took some work but it is done...)

these are the tentative dates....ask me about it at practice....bring your cash this week, it's overdue gentlemen.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are 'ROLLING'

Hello Marauders,

the 5th week of practice ends with one of the best practices we have had. The Ballers in the Cardinal and silver are looking great. This week we are rolling at LB Pearson in Burlington for the third week. The Offense is looking great...with our superstar tailback looking great...D-V leading the way. We are a run team so our team is a big boy 'run it down your throat' team.

Well l have heard some very funny stuff... that Milton will be weak... maybe they are right.... but at the very least we will be better than last year.

mind games ... do you believe me?...l guess we will have to wait and see. l feel very proud of the Ballers that will be calling Milton home for the 2009 season. Big names... big games... big hits... trust me, Milton will be a tough squad to beat.

Our DC mr Anderson is one crazy mother.....and probably the best coach in this league. we are honored to have him( don't tell him l said so). his nickname is Coach Chewbacca because he is one hairy mother. May 30th we open our season in Burlington at Corpus Christi amazing field. Pro turf...lights..score board. l can't wait to get my SCAT BACK on a slick turf.

lets roll....GO MARAUDERS

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New blog , New look, New attitude.

Welcome all,

the new look 2009 Marauder blog is rolling. How did we get here? simple 3 long years of working hard and doing it the old fashion way. This journey began in 2007 with myself and Drew Todd taking over the Milton Marauders. The road was bumpy and we took our lumps but in the end that is the only way to grow, nothing came easy except for losing...but we over came all of that in two short years. The team is comprised of a ton of characters and great ballers...l am always learning about what to do and what not to do.
The 2009 season is starting out in the right way...the team is looking great with a ton of new players as well as old vets that will make the 2009 team one of the best teams ever created in Milton. the Marauders will be playing a few games outside the Milton township this year. the Burlington community has embraced the Marauders and we would like to thank the Mayor of Burlington Mr Cam Jackson for all his help this off season . The new look Marauders will have the Rawlings love and the Burlington love....we are just moving forward with the team in a positive way.

The practices look amazing...we have a deep rotation and l think that the year of the Bird is 2009. more updates to follow.


Coach ken.
AKA- Crazycoacho

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