Sunday, June 17, 2007


The Toronto Raiders beat us with a few good plays and stellar special teams.

but we are better than the score would indicate, we dropped a go ahead two point conversion and were only down one score late in the third quarter . To be honest we just ran out of gas.

a few key guys were missing but that is the case with every team but when you have 30 players a few guys means ''IRONMAN BALL'' ask Jason Burke how he feels today ....not too many WR can play DE all day get a few tackles and force a fumble.

l could say that about everyone...Dav ( all world, all day all night), Miller ( Mr Universe), Benet-zzzzoooo, Baiden ( best back in the league...period), McGill ( nice block....tell Drew he's a god), Mcleod ( gave us a chance with a amazing tackle), Prime time ( l love to see you run), Crispin...(sickness), Hanni-- (2 picks), Every big boy....Barbados, Attardo, Mr.INK, 'NORM' ( the all kill crew).

BB ...(killed people) , Dave ( Ageless one),Big boy #95,Billy the tackle wizard,Roger ( the clean break kid)- Kirshawn...( trueballer) -Radway ( the warrior)-Davis ( l'll do anything )-Charles ( l got you, coach)- Stu ( Halftime kid haha)-#27( kickergod)- and anyone l missed.....l'll do push ups for you.

my coaches...Mr. Hack and Mr Todd as usual you make me look good.

Bev is one firecracker... she is the teams backbone....l will never take her for granted.

Our Defense is nuts and kept us in the game. We are moving forward...not easy but l love a challenge.

l love this team...we are chasing rings excuses ...just playing ball.

we go for a win this week...but how is that different from any other week.

Ken Lashley
Milton Marauders

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