Sunday, July 1, 2007


l could say a ton of things but we just got beat by a better team. Tommy Denison and his best buddy ( #88) torched us. l can say that we stopped the run pretty well but they just wanted to throw ,throw, throw and throw some more and that's just what they did.

l take the blame for this one....l need to be better and l will. count on it. Milton will get better...count on that as well.

Baiden scored twice and that's about all the offense we had....we did not play well and that's not the way the Marauders play ball. Lots of old faces but they didn't beat us ...we beat ourselves. We played worse than week one and this was the first game where our defense showed how tired they are of always keeping us in games.

Brandon had a few sparks of greatness and when he learns the offense we should win a few games.

The score looks like a blowout and it was ..but we just made so many mistakes . Next week we get the Oshawa hawkeyes not an easy schedule but we will be better .

To the won....but every dog has their day and l look forward to playing you again.

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