Monday, July 16, 2007

WE WON...29-6 over a good Sarnia team.

Well it took us 6 weeks but now we have our first win. Sarnia Imperials came in and played us very tough. The weather was perfect for us...rainy and cold. The Sarnia run attack is the best in the league and the weather slowed them down as well as the fact that if you try and run on us you will get a full dose of Mc-Dav me it's no fun.

Baiden did what he always and score. he scored twice and added a few tackles...he is the best player in the league ..l don't care who is on your team ..Baiden is better, ask anyone we've played.

The score was close until we got a bit of a drive going in the third quarter and we never looked back , if not for a late score we would have shut them out...thanks ref's...15 plays from our 3 yardline and they got in on the last one..thanks Zebra's...hey! we are the home team. under fire.

Kirsh...nice catch, Dave-oldtimer ( you should have the Safety!!!!). Barbados...2 sacks( should have had at least 5). Dav..( you are now returning punts next week..haha)...everyone played great and it's my first win as a Headcoach. l know it was Dave and Baiden who gave me the Gatorade shower....laps for you two....thanks guys. nice catch Hanni- better throw Hawkins....Drew and his poker face.......Andre and this 2 picks....( don't showboat...but l still love you). Crazy wopp...nice owe me 15 yards.

l love this team...all the big boys played great- Miller-Ink-Norm-TommyT-Crazy're'tardo-Bigbucketbadpaintjob-Daryl(killyamomma)-thebig2tacklesFlexandHammer-Bumblebee(stinger)-Burkiesmoothness.

billy(can't catch Johnson)-Hanni(shutdown)-Super'Queens'-McGivl'otine'- SexyDavinator-#19shotgun special-allpurposeCastro-Superkick#14-Superpunter 'Killyster'-Mcfarlane(Spawnkiller)-#29the repairkid-if l forgot you....please don't be offended ,l'll get you a nickname at practice.

l salute you guys....all of you...thanks for making it worthwhile.

one more time next week..lets get a winning streak started....

Coach ken

Bev ....thanks. Bev's parents..thanks as well.

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