Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WE BEAT THE PANTHERS....but are out of the hunt.

Well we won...but are not in the playoffs because the Maddogs beat the Raiders.

ok...we won two games, but that is how it is in this league. Drew called the game as l was away in San Diego on business. l got updates right after the game and was told the good news....but l was also told the Maddogs won so we were elliminated as a result.

Well , l'm not sad , l love this team. we won two games ...we could have won at least two more. l would like to thank all the Marauders that decided to play ball for a new coach and an a rebuilding team....l would like to thank one guy who will not be back and with us....without his play we could not have had the great ground game we enjoyed this season. he knows who he is ...l love this dude. he could have played for the team down the street and l admire and respect that he didn't .

l could talk about this team for ever...l won't. l will say this ...next year we will kick your ass.

l would like to thank one more guy...the Coach of that team down the street helped me in more ways than l could have imagine. l wish all you NFC teams good luck in the playoffs.

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