Sunday, June 15, 2008

We are 2-0

The Milton Marauders are 2-0.....yep that's right.

no nicknames this week....we played well below our standards.

l love this team....they make me look good.

the Bulldogs are a fun bunch of hard nose footballers.They have a ton of great football players and they came to play.

We were not good ..we were sloppy, and a bit hungover after the win last week. l learned a valuable lesson that l must get focused on what's next and get my team to do the same. because of our great ballers we have we won...l did very little to help.

When you win like this you realize how good you can become....we were awful and still out scored them 28-9 after we trailed by 10. we can't do that next week...Maddogs are up...they are undefeated and have given up hardly any will be a tough game .

full roster next week...we will need it.


p.s. Ouch o score o.......he is now uncoachable .l will also have two trainers out next for Sean and the other for the team.

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