Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Northbay is CrazyCoacho

l was very nice to Northbay in my last post...but l just read the Northbay Nugget and they feel like we didn't deserve to win.

hey, we beat your ass fair and square....don't cry about missed plays and don't act like it was close. you still lost by 9 and scored a questionable touchdown with no time left on the clock. l read all the Bulls#*t about us holding you and other crap...we got hosed on a fumble play where our back was pushed back 10 yards ....and then let up...the ball was dropped and you guys got the ball...that was a gift, considering we were on your 5 yardline.....what about the way you dismissed us running all over you team.

you act like it was an act from GOD that we scored with 10 seconds left in the, we just put our fastest guy to run past your one man that our fault you couldn't catch him?...l see we should run a sweep so that you guys can make plays...sorry about that..hey, Bulldogs...we only kneel at the end of games after we have already won.

geez guys...l thought you guys were cool, l guess not. we should have never taken out our starters....maybe we should have beat you by 30.

we picked you 3 times dropped at least 5 more ....holes in our secondary? are you nuts. the only hole is in your head....stop throwing at the same guy 5 times with the same play....he picked it 3 times and dropped the easiest one of all. your offense got only 6 points before the last play of the game.....what are you guys saying?..we threw 3 TD's...ran for another...all on gifts. we threw for over 250 and ran for 160.

400 yards of offense is not a crappy day...but it sure is better than what you did.

give us some beat us last year by 2....we beat you by 9...really it was 15 but you got an early X-mas gift.

CrazyCoacho is the alter ego of Coachken....he's nuts but hardly ever wrong.

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