Monday, June 23, 2008

Milton is 3-0..but lucky as hell.

Well...we won but l think we used up all the luck a Marauder can get. l can't believe how many breaks we's as if we have a divine being looking out for us. l have been around football a long time and a short time as a headcoach...l have never seen a more classy group of players and a well run organization.

l read somewhere that respect is not given but is earned....well l give my upmost respect to the Maddogs because they earned it.

we got to see the Hanni-score show....two weeks and 4 TD's.....he may never come to practice again.

To Bumblebee...thank you for all you have done for us and l hope to see you back real soon.You could have bailed like the rest but l want to thank you for staying...l don't think you understand how much we needed you. l hope you will be back real soon...we won't be the same without you. get well soon .

the team is up against the Raiders....don't let their record fool you they beat us badly last year. Milton is in tough against a team who is hungry for a win.

lets roll.

Go Milton.

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