Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday at Nelson . equipment turn in 8pm to 9pm.

Thursday is the day...last week we had the tornado so although it was terrible weather the turn out was pretty good. lets get the business done so we can move on to other stuff. the Marauders moved forward this year with a stronger showing than the year before but we still did not achieve what we wanted...l look forward to the 2010 version of this cry babies ...just ballers.

am l the best l get more talented coaches ..yes...we have a good base but we need more..l'll make sure we do.

so....the Sault won it all...congrats to them. They are the team that most resembles a TEAM in this league. l feel proud that we at least beat them once which only makes us hopeful for the future..the way we ended our season was very disappointing but at least l feel great that when we played them with our full squad we beat them...but we all know stats and comments like that are for losers.

l know a few things about football and l know that if you are not the champs you are just like the rest of us...don't get excited over being one of the losers...just know you need to work harder next year. l will say that although we had a decent season l'm glad that we are the ONLY team to beat them this year...and l would have loved to see if we could have beaten the 2nd place finisher as well... having two missed extra points and a rouge by them to lose by 3 makes me feel that we are closer to the powerhouses then they would like to admit.

but then again these are the ramblings of teams and coaches of people not getting it done...

lets end this a quote from one of my idols..

'HEY HEY least you beat the Sault...thats something no one else could do''

that is good...why , because the best TEAM won....just like it should be. The football gods always make things right.

Crazy Coacho is out...see you in a few.

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