Monday, August 10, 2009

We won 28-14 over the Raiders- playoffs round one.

so...l have been away and the marauders lost two games against two tough teams. now l know we have some great ballers on every team and any team can win on any given Saturday but the parity in this league is nuts. take for example the four remaining teams....we bet the Sault...they beat the maddogs and tricity...we lost to the Maddogs and Tri City.

it just goes to show that anyone can win this....

The Raiders are a much improved team from the first time we played them..and without some injuries l think they would have been a much tougher team to play. Even as it is...they play 60 minutes and are probably the fastest team in the NFC. The #1 kid is flat out the toughest guy to tackle...l think he has double jointed hips..the kid was the first RB to put 100 on our defense..thats no easy task( we haven't given up a 100 rusher all year...).

the game was closer than the score..they had three red zone turnovers...two picks one fumble.

but than again...there is no such thing as luck in football.

Ricky was Ricky....making plays and making me lose years off my life...

The Marauders showed why we are one of the best teams in the NFC...we played tough,smart and made just enough plays to win.
l am forgetting a few was my first playoff win as a Headcoach. The Gatorade shower was funny...l was already soaked so it was all for nothing....Flex was the only guy to get me that l wouldn't chase...hey, he's bigger than me. Baiden ran like he always does...l don't see how he is not the MVP...( or at least in the running...100 yards on everyone he played? other back can say that).

our Dbs are awesome...but l wonder if they can tackle...hahaha.

00...ahhh, l was hoping for a can blame Kirby for tripping you. hey Conrad...squeeze the rock.hahaha.

you D'Vid...hows the knee's.

so our team is heading to the next round...we play the mighty Sault Steelers...they are the NFC's best team..we are the lowest seed left so we travel the rest of the way. I think the the Steelers will be out to avenge their only loss this year and we plan on keeping the train should be a fun ride. l see a hard hitting will take a A++ effort to win...but l have a feeling that we will play them tough...we are the MARAUDERS...we don't lay down for anyone.

60 minutes of or go home...

LETS ROLL MILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trof...not Cof...yep l get it ..sorry bro.

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