Sunday, July 12, 2009

we lost 42-28 to the Outlaws.

before l get started..l hope your elbow is good Mr have been a cornerstone of the Marauders..get well soon.

The way we start games makes me wonder if we just like to make it interesting. we fumbled the opening kick off and gave a very good team great field position. they scored all good teams should when you get a turnover in the redzone.

when we got the ball l called the easiest read of the day...l knew that they taped us the last week and saw that we ran the WR screen for aTD so l'm sure they spent time working on how to stop we made an adjustment a ran a simillar play with a WR doing a 9....the result..TD. so 3 minutes in 7-7.

The Outlaws are an interesting bunch..they have a ton of talent...lots of great guys and a few talkers...just like us. the outlaws took advantage of our secondary and poor pass rush...we exploited their run defense and secondary. it was a good game but we made to many mistakes to win.

l made the biggest mistake as a coach...l addressed my team and like a man l apologized to my boys.

now for the facts...our punt returner..85mph ..torched them for 180 yards on 6 touches..he should have scored twice...the Outlaws kicker saved the day. we had a TD called back on a hold. and we threw a pick in the red zone...we let a TON of chances slip away..but thats football. we get breaks...we lose breaks.

the stats were pretty even ( about 370 for each team)...the fumbles and bad field position was the difference...we scored more points on them than any other team this year....but than again they did the same to our defense.

l will say that the way they talked surprised me( well to be honest we talked just as much)...l always knew they were good but it started in the parking lot.i kind of thought it was just guys having fun but the game had some questionable plays..cut blocks..jawing...that kind of stuff. make no mistake...l can jaw with the best of them but we all got jobs on Monday so maybe we can just play the game next time...if not l would hate to see someone get hurt.

Baiden rushed for 110 yards...he out rushed the Outlaw RB by 55 yards.....l guess Baiden is pretty good. l would also like to say a get well soon to number 37...that was a crazy hit he gave...sorry, took'..Baiden is like no other back..he will give as much as he gets.Hey, the label on the helmet...your helmet is not a weapon,it's for protection.

we lost...they won. in two weeks we do it again.

Coach Ken

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