Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so we got no Class ehh? Crazycoacho is back

well l went to practice last night and l heard some garbage about us not giving our last opponent any respect and how we should no class by not clapping when your player was knocked out.

let me be clear...whaaaaa!!!!

Are you crazy? started talking trash from the get...told us we were lucky to beat the Soo...and that we have a terrible offense. etc..etc...that all might be true but here are a few things l know. Your QB is great...he ran and made things happen. the plays you ran are standard football 101. he made them work...not your amazing football knowledge...give me a break sunshine.

we showed no class?...hey, your boy came in to drop a kill shot on our rb...he got knocked out...that is some funny stuff. when you bring the wood and take back more lumber than you came will be entertaining...sorry we got excited about it. ahh what the hell...YOUR BOY GOT KNOCKED was funny as hell.

you guys are talented...but you got to kidding yourself to think its you...l'm smart enough to know that my players make me look good. l would never be so arrogant to think that l'm the reason why we are a good team. l give them plays and chances to do special things...they make it happen. any OC taking credit for amazing catches or great plays is an idiot.

don't ask me again for tape.....or make small talk with me again. This is supposed to be fun...l lost sight of that..let me tell you, your comments have inspired want me to give you respect? what about us going from 2-6 two years ago to beating the Soo and being completive with you guys. you give what you get...don't apologize to me...think of how your team tried to hurt Baiden...did we do that to your RB? we didn't..why? because WE HAVE CLASS.

seeya later Sunshine..

oh and take your own advice , don't you remember what you yelled out when we were shaking hands..'' don't s#it talk...just take care of your team..yeah see you in two weeks''.. hahaha..l love it.

Crazy Coacho

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