Monday, September 21, 2009

ALL STARS. The MARAUDERS are everywhere..

so here are the All Stars. Marauders are everywhere...two years in a row a Marauder wins rookie of the year. we had a ton of things to do this off starts with the October we will hold the first Banquet...l think the last thing we do before the BURLINGTON FIGHTING SEMINOLES are born.

thats right...the heard it here first..


Most Valuable Player Terry Mitchell – Sarnia First time for a Sarnia player

Offensive Player of the Year Terry Mitchell – Sarnia First time for a Sarnia player

Defensive Player of the Year Dave Boyd – North Bay First for a Bulldog since 2003

Offensive Lineman Tom Reynolds – Tri City Second year for Tri City player

Defensive Lineman Dave Boyd – North Bay First for a North Bay player

Rookie of the Year Josh Earls - Milton Second Marauder to be so honoured
(Leo Troy Memorial)

Coach of the Year David Allen – Sarnia First time for a Sarnia coach
(Sid Forster Memorial)

Special Teams Player Josh Earls – Milton First time for a Milton player
(Mike Jackson Memorial)

Leading Scorer Jon Nedeljkovic – Tri City Fourth time, also in 1998, 2002 and 2005
(August Kangro Memorial)

Championship Game M.V.P. Josh Gauthier – Sault First honour
Todd Seely – Sault First honour


Position Player, Team Previous Selections

Quarterback Jeff Nosal – Tri City 2008

Running Back George Baiden - Milton 2007
Jon Nedeljkovic – Tri City 1998, 2001,02,03,04

Receivers Matt Gordon – North Bay First selection
Damian Hannaford – Milton 2008
Mike Krajewski – Tri City First selection
Terry Mitchell – Sarnia First selection

Offensive Line Fred Casselman – Sault First selection
Bill Jurich – Sautl 2007,08
Tom Reynolds – Tri City First selection
Ashton Young – Sault 2008
Lee Becker – Tri City * 2007,08
Jim Glavan – Tri City * First selection
Jason Tomlinson – Tri City * D Line in 2008


Punter Sean Spencer - Maddogs 2008
Punt Return Josh Earls – Milton First selection
Kicker Matt Santos – Sault First selection
Kick Return Josh Earls – Milton First selection


Defensive Line Brandon Lewis – Sault 1996,98,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08
Dave Boyd – North Bay First selection
Anton Collymore – Maddogs 2008
Sergio Simas – Milton First selection

Linebackers Craig Davoren – Milton 2005,07,08
Shane Everest – Tri City First selection
Rick Gorton – Sarnia First selection

Defensive Back Russell Burns – North Bay First selection
Cleon Holmes - Maddogs First selection
Wade Kraft – Sault First selection
Brian Samson – North Bay 2006
Norm Yellowman - Sarnia 2008

* indicates tie for the position


Quarterback Josh Spanik – Milton
Running Backs Josh Gauthier – Sault
Kris Newman – Toronto Raiders
Receivers Phil Dixon – Toronto Maddogs
Josh Earls - Milton
Noah Rushon - Sault
Jeff Westrop – Tri City
Offensive Line Alf LeBar – Tri City
Michael Sherwin – Toronto Maddogs
John Smales – North Bay
Brady Taylor - Sarnia
Curtis Taylor – Toronto Maddogs
Mark Willard – Milton
Punter Nick Pederson – Sault
Punt Return Ian Forde – Tri City
Kicker Ryan Kooistra - Milton
Kick Return Cleon Holmes – Toronto Maddogs
Defensive Line Lincoln Downs - Milton
Mike Milner – Tri City
Desmond Thompson - Milton
Ryan Viby – Tri City
Linebackers Lynford Crump – Toronto Maddogs
Todd Seely – Sault
Sean Spencer – Toronto Maddogs
Defensive Backs Christian Brooks – Toronto Raiders
Kirby Ginn – Milton
Mitch Martel – Milton
Dustin McKenna – Tri City
Adrian Thorne – Toronto Raiders

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