Monday, June 1, 2009

Marauders win opener. Milton 24-Northbay 0.

The opening of the 2009 season had the new look Marauders getting a look at their new home and their new informs. l must say that we come out very flat and it took us a few series to get going . the Northbay team is much improved over last year and they will give some teams trouble like they did us . l see them being a team that will have a very good season and trust me when l say that they have ballers in the Bullddog pen.

the game was more about us then the Bulldogs, it may have been the opening day gitters...or the fact we are finding our identity...who know, but we started VERY slow but got a few breaks and we took it from there.We played very sloppy...6 turn overs, with those stats you rarely win. l saw some great things...our defense was amazing.

our offense scored on a balanced attack, it makes me proud that two years ago we lost games big when we played our best and now we are wining games when we play sloppy. l saw so many guys make plays that it would take me forever to give them some love. I will just say that...l'm ready to get rolling. and l see you at practice on Tuesday.

...oh yeah one more thing...One team...One focus...Marauderlove...who are we?

oh what the hell...

Flex..was never, Rogermetal legs...colt 45(30)..Suicide squad..Dr lee..wheres my milk..haha.
#7..the white Vick ( before prison),Kirby gun,Kid None-z, Mitch got jacked by the QB..hahaha, Dav 3 tackles..?,D-line sack serge, Hester North 85, O-line serving 24hrs a day , Hanniford can block..who knew?, sam got game, 35fullback needs to roll..but nice run,Vaughn needs to wear 88...can't play in 89 hahaha, Baiden is always Baiden...Radway looks better as a Marauder, Bj ..squeeze the td, #20 is rolling kids. 55 killer..56screwface...sammy Robo...more nick names to follow....

good to see guys at the game...Bumble bee was in the house.

l hear the Raiders are going to stomp us...they send texts to our players that say as much...maybe they will....but we all know that texts , messages...or emails don't win football games.

Coach Ken

lets get rolling next Saturday at 7pm at Corpus Christi

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